Registered Trainee for ARISE Trials sample period? In this module you will learn: how the training programme works; how it was developed to meet your needs, in whatever role you have in the AEC industry; to understand the curriculum and choose training suited for you; how the e-platform works and navigate training materials; about our different blended methods of delivery/ teaching and assessment. Then sample a preview module!


Introductory module aimed at trainers.

Provides a welcome pack to Trainers regarding the Arise platform, allowing them to get familiarised with UI and internal tools of platform, to set up and deliver courses/ modules/ training.

Provides guidance on good practice, Quality assurance, and overall standards.

Presentation of ARISE Training Framework.


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ARISE Framework associated Area(s)

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ARISE Framework associated Speciality.

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Associate Task & Subtask

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Training indicative contents

 Enrolment methods

 Training tools within the platform (books, lessons, pages, etc)

 Inserting external content

 Methods of assessment

 Gamification, Xps and standards

 Accreditation

 Quality Control and Standards

 The ARISE Framework & Feedback (Mandatory)


Self-guided learning- Online

Methods of assessment

Formative self-assessment (online tests)