BIM Dimensions - Intro

What are BIM Dimensions? You probably already heard about BIM levels or stages, but what about these Dimensions? Learn how many are there; what do they mean and how they apply into your role and workflow. From 2D to 7D, we will cover them all.

15 minutes

An essential topic to understand the context and essentials of BIM. Leaners will be able to:

 Understand and summarise BIM Dimensions;  Understand relation between these and BIM levels; Identify benefits they bring to AEC roles to improve workflows and outputs;

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BIM Dimensions! Heard about 2D and 3D? What about 4,5,6 or even 7D? How does this relate with BIM Levels? How does it benefit professionals? Let’s find out!

If you study or work in the AEC Industry, you must have heard about BIM and BIM levels by now. You probably have been asked to achieve BIM Stage 2. Interlinked with BIM levels there is another aspect of BIM usually called BIM Dimensions.

This short awareness training will help you understand: How many are there. What they are about. How they apply to and can be an integral part of your workflow. How and why they encompass different aspects of the construction supply chain and built asset/project lifecycle.

In addition, you will also start to learn and appreciate how the use of these BIM Dimensions can bring advantages to your workflow, to your business and enable a more (energy) efficient and sustainable built environment. Full use of BIM dimensions is a benefit of BIM to the AEC Industry and they can be enabling tools to help the AEC industry reduce it waste and move towards a more energy efficient output, to help tackle climate change. 

For those who already know about BIM Dimensions, this offers a change to test, prove and record your knowledge. ARISE is also about recognising pre acquired knowledge.


  1. This training is advisable to be undertaken after completing the What is BIM and Digital Construction and BIM Levels training
  2. ARISE advises beginner learners to follow up with further training that encompasses the BIM Basics Training plan
  3. This training in part of a pathway toward more complex and complete training journey and possible qualification. Check details in additional information documentation