BIM Maturity Stages

Ever heard of BIM Maturity Stages? Not sure what they are, what it means and what it involves? This FREE short micro training unit is just what you need to get up to speed! We will break it all down.

15 minutes

An essential topic to understand context and essentials of BIM. Leaners will be able to:

Understand BIM Maturity Stages

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Heard about BIM Maturity Stages? Unsure what it means? Come and learn! 

We will summarise it.

Anyone in the AEC industry already working or wanting to implement BIM should have heard the now retired term ‘BIM Levels’ which is nowadays being referred to as BIM Maturity Stages. 

What exactly are the BIM Maturity stages? What does it mean? How many are there? We will explain it in this short FREE training.  

This unit covers one of the essential concepts when trying to understand the context and essentials of BIM. It is part of the overall basic knowledge of BIM Basics. 

So, come on!  Start your journey. At the end of this short training you will be able to understand the BIM Stages and:

  • Know how many BIM Maturity Stages are conventionally considered;
  • What these BIM Maturity Stages are and;
  • What do they involve and what basic requirements.

You will also appreciate how an increase in BIM maturity can bring advantages to your workflow, and your business and enable a more (energy) efficient and sustainable built environment.

For those who already know about BIM Maturity Stages, this offers a chance to test, prove and record your knowledge. ARISE is also about recognising pre-acquired knowledge.