Digital Construction - Benefits to AEC Industry

Understand the benefits of digital construction on the AEC industry.

15 minutes


-Understand the benefits and values of digitisation for the AEC industry. 

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Learn about the benefits of digital construction and its impact on the construction industry! 

If you study or work in the AEC industry you must have heard about digital construction by now. What is it exactly? This short awareness training will help you understand the context and essentials of digital construction and be able to explain what digital construction involves, including why/ how it encompasses all of the construction supply chain and built asset/project lifecycle. How digital construction is part of a wider process of industrial revolution. It will help you identify your role and responsibilities in the process. In addition, it introduces digital construction as a powerful enabling tool to help the AEC industry reduce it waste and move towards a more energy-efficient output, to help tackle climate change. It is the first step into a BIM journey upskilling*. For the one who already know BIM, this offers a chance to rest and record your knowledge 

 *ARISE advises beginner learners to follow up with further training that encompasses the BIM Basics training plan.